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Exploring Cloudways Control Panel


Cloudways provides users with a user-friendly control panel that simplifies the management of servers and applications. In this article, we’ll delve into the Cloudways control panel and how it helps users efficiently manage their hosting environment.

The Control Panel:

  • Overview: Cloudways’ control panel is a web-based interface that enables users to manage their servers, applications and other hosting resources from a centralized dashboard. Unlike cPanel, it focuses on simplicity and ease of use while still offering powerful features. To understand the differences between Cloudways’ control panel and cPanel, read our detailed article.
  • Features: The control panel provides a wide range of features and tools to monitor server performance. This allows users to monitor server performance, deploy applications, configure settings, and more.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The control panel is designed with usability in mind. Its intuitive interface ensures that users can easily navigate and access the features they need.

Server Management:

  • Server Provisioning: Users can easily deploy new servers with just a few clicks. They only have to select from cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud Platform and DigitalOcean.
  • Server Monitoring: The control panel offers real-time monitoring of server resources, including CPU usage, RAM usage, disk space, and bandwidth.
  • Server Settings: Users can configure server settings directly from the control panel, including PHP versions, database configurations, and security settings.

Application Management:

  • One-Click Deployment: Cloudways offers one-click deployment of popular applications such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, and more.
  • Staging Environments: Users can create staging environments for their applications to test changes and updates before deploying them to production.
  • Application Settings: The control panel allows users to manage application settings, install plugins or extensions, configure caching options, and more.

Additional Features:

  • Backup and Restore: Cloudways’ control panel provides built-in backup and restore functionality. This allows users to create, schedule and manage backups of their servers and applications.
  • Security: Users can configure security settings to protect their hosting environment from threats. These settings include firewall rules, SSL certificates, and two-factor authentication.
  • Scalability: The control panel offers scalability options. This allows users to scale server resources up or down as needed to accommodate changes in traffic or resource demands.


Cloudways’ control panel makes it easy to manage servers and applications with a powerful, user-friendly interface. The control panel includes features like server provisioning, application deployment, monitoring, backups, security, and scalability. This allows users to efficiently manage their hosting resources and focus on growing their online projects.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of Cloudways’ control panel today and take control of your hosting environment with ease.

For more information, check out our Cloudways Review or visit the Cloudways website.

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